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weird dream log:

So, this one made me laugh thinking about it later, but here is how shit went down:

Scene set: I’m in Kentucky (i think, roads felt like Kentucky) ...I’m on the VFR for some reason

I feel like I was running from cops? IDK. I was moving quickly.

At some point, I pass an old Kawi...or maybe it was a old CBR painted green. But I blow by him..then the bike starts to die

I pass a bridge, bike is slowly stumbling more and more.. I hook a u-turn and head back to the bridge.

Bike dies RIGHT on the bridge. fuck.

Then I realize...wait. The VFR has never actually run in my care...this is a fucking dream...All I need to is to wake up, all will be fine.

so what does my dumbass do? Yeet myself OFF the bridge to wake up.

ofc, I wake up, and start going about my day...then i realize....
wait, the VFR is carbed..what if I just didnt turn the gas on? DAM IT NOW I WANNA GO BACK TO THE DREAM AND CHECK THAT.

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I think the holidays are starting to get to me.

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