No, not "dream drives", I mean actual dreaming, while you sleep.

Often I dream that I somehow acquired a used car or motorcycle for free, so I take it out for a spin. Sometimes it's something gorgeous like a vintage V12 Ferrari, but it's usually something more pedestrian. Maybe a clean, unmolested but "previously enjoyed" XJ Cherokee or something. Whatever it is, there's nothing like a vehicle to keep vivid details fresh in my mind after I waken. Last night's car was a late '80s-early '90s Pontiac 6000 station wagon:

Mine was in the same condition as this one, but dark blue. Instead of a 2.8L or 3.1L 60° V6 that these came with, it had the 3300 version of the Buick 90° V6. Regardless, it still had the distinctive burbley-rattly exhaust note of the 60° MPFI engines. It was pretty gutless and didn't handle too well, but it was in really good shape, and I was happy with the new acquisition. All of this existed solely in my head, of course.

Dreams are weird.

Photo credit: dave_7.