Generally, word of mouth does eventually get around about a certain car’s facts. Engines that blow? Crappy transmissions? Cheat codes? Hacks? Quirks? Eventually regular people hear about them. But what about issues that owners hold close? What odd factoids about your car will normal people almost never hear about?

I’ll start with three about mine!

1. The Engine: In the American smart community, it’s generally accepted that if you make it past 80k miles without cooking your valves, your engine will most likely last a very long time. While not a common issue with smarts, engines that do die due to burning the valves typically go in the range from 40k-80k miles. It is still unknown why the valves burn...but since the second generation car is dead, guess we’ll never know.

2. Cheat Codes: To turn off Traction Control without reaching for the fuse box, second generation smarts can have their traction control and stability systems turned off by pressing both buttons on the speedometer at the same time, then turning the key to the Run position, then starting the car once the traction control light starts flashing.

3. Roofs: 2007-2012 smart roofs have a failure rate of approximately 100%. These cars use the largest polycarbonate glazing in the automotive industry for their roofs. And until the 2013 model year, the formulation for the roof was terrible. The roofs practically crazed on the showroom floor in some cases...but usually roofs crazed at around 6 months after the build date. My car lasted 2.5 years before crazing, for idk reasons.

What weird things happen with your car that only owners of your car know?