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Weird habit I've been noticing in traffic lately

Today’s post on the FP about what makes a bad driver got me thinking about the issue I’ve been seeing a lot if in the past year; people leaving huge gaps when stopped.

What’s happening is, at stop lights or signs, I’m seeing people leave 2-10 car lengths between them and the person in front of them. I initially chalked it up to people being wary of insurance scammers when it was only 2-3 car lengths, but then I started seeing people get crazy with their spacing. It’s not enraging or even mildly infuriating, I just have no idea why people are doing this.

A few other cases I’ve seen.

- Car stops at a light, a good 4-5 lengths behind the stop line. This light doesn’t have a sensor.


- Car stops many car lengths back, blocking access to the curbed turn lane.

- Car stops many car lengths back, blocking a road and the ensuing crossing/turning traffic.

I think the cars stopping well behind the line at a light can have some sort of explanation, in that they want to try and trigger the light themselves. I’ve just seen it enough times where there’s no obvious plate that I’m starting to think these people are just giving that space for whatever reason. The last two, I think, might be assholes.

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