Weird JDM cars on Vancouver Craigslist.

You’d expect stuff like Skylines or JDM-exclusive Subies or Mitsubishis to be imported.

But would you expect a JDM Pathfinder? No. No you would not.

Contrary to popular belief, unlike in the US, not everyone who buys a JDM import is looking for an enthusiast car. Sometimes a JDM import is simply a better deal, you get an EXTREMELY well kept car that’s also quite cheap, and you get the factor of uniqueness that comes with RHD.


There’s also this bitchin’ Nissan Diesel Atlas. A Fuso Canter or Hino whatever for hipsters.

And somebody imported a Toyota Funcargo. Basically an Echo/Yaris/Vitz minivan. It was called the Verso in Europe. I very much want it.


Here’s a Honda Fit. Basically no difference to the US/CADM Fit. But fuck you.


And last but very much not least, the Delica. I love these things so much. Basically all are diesel. And people import these by the BUCKET LOAD. These are by far the most popular JDM imports to Canada, ESPECIALLY in BC. It’s simply something that doesn’t really exist in NA, an AWD small-ish campervan/people carrier. Save for stuff like the old Chevy Astro and Mazda MPV, but those were shit. The Delica rocks.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m more excited when I see a Delica than when I see a Skyline.

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