Part of driving, for me, is analyzing the other drivers around me on the road. Potential speed demons, brake-happy people, etc. The following lady threw me for a loop.

We’re on a two lane hwy, her (in a black focus) in the right lane, me in the left. I’m passing her, when I noticed there’s a Ford Flex coming up behind me. It’s speed is steadily increasing so I figure I should get into the next lane to let it through. All of a sudden, the black focus starts to speed up. I glance over, she’s on her phone that has a pink case. That’s a red flag for me.

But she is now passing me, with the flex approaching, so I go into the right lane when there is a car’s distance between the focus and mine. To get technical, since she was gaining speed and I was remaining the same, the distance between the two cars should of increased gradually. I was wrong.

Once I’m behind her, she slams on her brakes despite there being no cars in front of her. Then I see through her window that she is frantically waving her right hand around. I have no idea what she’s trying to say, but I figure she’s upset that I’m behind her? So I wait for the flex to move pass, then I change lanes again.

Apparently she’s in a hurry, as she speeds up to a bunch of cars that are in a ‘conga’ line; where she puts her turn signal on, brakes, and wedges herself between two the same time. (I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have to brake while changing lanes, and I shouldn’t see any body roll on a focus while it’s doing that).


So I’m thinking “strange lady”, but then it gets weirder. Twice, whenever my car got a couple cars distance away from hers, she darts out of the left lane, speeds up, and does her horrible lane change technique. She’s either in a hurry or trying to avoid me. But then she’s driving normally for the rest of the trip until I lost sight of her.

I can usually get a gauge on people’s driving styles, but I couldn’t get anything from her. Her behavior was quite erratic, IMHO.