So we all know most cars are passed down as they age to poorer and poorer second third and fourth owners. Some cars however become classics, and then it all gets pretty weird.

Im not a huge classic car buff but an easy example would be a 993. The first owner was probably the typical new 911 buyer. You know, the guys you see driving around now in a 991 close to base model today. Pretty freaking wealthy, but like...attainable to doctors/lawyers/finance guys.

The second owner probably benefits from some depreciation, and picks up a nice 993 for quite a bit less. These are people like some of us, who have some change to spend on a really nice clean Porsche, but doesn’t want to eat a bunch of depreciation on a new car. This is the least wealthy owner, even though he spends only slightly under the MSRP. Still a lot of money.

BOOM, car appreciates back to MSRP when new

Second owner is giddy and sells it to a third owner, who is richer than the original owner by virtue that he paid the same amount for an old car he likely wont drive much.


Car appreciates well past MSRP.

Third owner sells it to the fourth owner, who is EVEN RICHER. Thats right, the FOURTH owner of this car just bought it for way over new car MSRP, and he probably will never touch it.


Fourth owner of a car the richest? Strange happenings.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I hope to eventually be the third or fourth owner of a 996 turbo. I can assure you that I will NOT be the richest owner of that car.


Sorry for the weird post, just something I was thinking about while wasting time at work.


EDIT: Will be interesting to see the owner progression of the first Civic Type R. First owner is probably a multimillionaire if he can spend $200k on a $36k car. Second owner will pay no more than like $25k.

By the third owner itll probably have a salvage title and be stolen for parts.