Weird Rear Wiper(s)

This post inspired by Duck Duck Grey Duck FTMFW! and HammerheadFistpunch

Which design makes less sense? Is it the double setup as seen below on this Camry? Seems like plenty of glass height for a full sweep if the motor was in the middle. Maybe they didn’t want the motor going through the glass or having the Toyota badge elsewhere was unthinkable.


Is it the asymmetrical design that I now know exists in the world and forever will hate Duck Duck Grey Duck FTMFW! because of it? Why wouldn’t Ford just stick the 3rd brake light at the top? Wiper goes in the middle and gets a semi good sweep of at least the middle of the car.

Is it the Mini Clubman with it’s dual set for it’s dual doors? I think they should have just skipped the rear wipers.


My vote for the least useful rear wiper goes to the Lexus CT200H. The wiper cleans almost nothing.


What else is out there?

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