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Weird sound from my car. Paging Oppo for diagnosis...

Under moderate to heavy braking, I get a metallic scraping sound. It’s high-pitched and lags about a half-second behind when I press or release the brakes. Been getting worse today so I’ve stopped by a coffee shop to consult Oppo.

As far as I can tell, the sound comes from the passenger-side wheel well when my windows are down, but it sounds like it’s coming from the engine bay if I have the windows up.

The sound is more grating than the eeeeeee that I used to hear before I got new front calipers and rotors. It definitely sounds like metal-on-metal, but I can’t place what’s scraping. A visual inspection of each wheel has left me puzzled, as everything seems to be in place.


The sound’s lag is also concerning. I can hear the sound start about a half-second after I first apply the brakes, and then it persists for a half-second even after I completely release the pedal.

Are there any quick tests or inspections I can conduct in order to see what’s wrong? Any advice is appreciated, as I’m hoping to keep the vehicle healthy enough for autocross in a few weeks.

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