If you haven’t yet unlocked Spectacle Island in Fallout 4, I would like to caution you first!

Firstly, don’t go to Spectacle Island unless you either have very good stamina, or have a lot of firepower. :P

I’m not sure if my Xbone has glitched or not, but once the sonic beacon radio tower was activated, the Mirelurks became friendly. Like, I could shoot the crap out of them and they would not attack. They’re almost like...pets...now.

A couple nights ago, I found this little guy using my Workbench. He was standing still and moving his little arm things like he was working. ♥


He didn’t move either when I appeared next to him, just kept plugging away.


Also, Curie makes an awesome companion, no matter if you leave her as a Mr. Handy or put her into a Synth body ♥ (not my picture below)


Also, the Starlight Drive-In has a surprising amount of somewhat preserved cars. Makes a great settlement too. :)