So I was thinking about platform sharing/rebranding across manufacturers owned by the same parent companies, and it all seems pretty normal right now... but what if it wasn't? I mean, there's some weird possibilities out there... I thought of some just as a few examples, but if you've got some more, feel free to drop them in the comments. And if you're good at photoshop and want to make some of these, go right ahead!

1. A Lexus based on the FR-S

2. A GMC based on the Corvette

3. A Skoda based on the Aventador

4. A Jeep based on the LaFerrari

5. a Daewoo based on the Camaro

6. a Maybach based on an SLS AMG

Obviously none of these "proposed models" would fit properly in any of the brands' lineups, but it's weird to think about how potentially easy it would be to make some weird shit from preexisting platforms and brands.