Yes, I know it’s Hump Day. But be honest: you say “Hump Day” and we all spend the rest of the day thinking about CAMELS!!!

So “Weird Wednesday”.

...besides, someone will come along and make it properly weird.

Anyway this morning in carspotting I have this filling up my rearview mirror:

Audi RS5

I gunned it to get out of its way, but the driver decided to just chill in my left side blindspot for another mile or so then hung a left. A bummer because I wanted to hear German V8 burble.

So I get to work and boss says I need to drive to the far east side for some parts (I work on the far west side). So I do it.


On the way back and just 2 miles out from work, I see another rare vehicle almost get sideswipped by a lowly Chevy Aveo sedan:

Polaris Slingshot


Obviously unexpected is obvious.

But I guess I should’ve expected the rare sights because last night I saw a Cadillac XLR-V and a BMW X5 xDrive35d.


Welp, time to get back to work.