What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

As you know, I’ve recently finished shopping for a car. As always, that included giving out my burner email address and phone number many, many times. Of course I’m still getting a million emails from random Kia dealers telling me they have a great Stinger deal for me, but here’s something I didn’t expect and don’t even know if is related.

Here is the transcript of a voicemail left for me on my burner phone number this morning:

Hi Mister <my last name>, this is <person’s first and last> from <car dealer> calling in regards to your 2011 Chevy Camaro. Good news. The car is finally complete and I do apologize for the long delay. I know it’s been here for a month or or or a couple of months, but we did put a new transmission in it new clutch and new fly bearing and all the components that go with it. It looks like you live in San Francisco. We are here until 5 or 5:30. If you would like to come pick it up today or tomorrow. We will be here. Yeah, it’s all ready to go. Just come down to <address down kinda by dealer I guesss?> and either see <first name> <first name> or <first name> we can get the keys for you and get you on your way with your car. If you need any questions, you can call me back at <phone number>.


Uh... what? Thanks?

Worth noting:

  • The car dealer mentioned is a BMW dealer that I very explicitly avoided in my search. It also happens to be where I bought my A4 Avant back in 2014. That was a horrible experience that I hope to never repeat. Their used department at least is slimy as can be. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I never used this phone number in any part of that transaction.
  • I have never had absolutely the slightest connection to any sort of Camaro, much less a 2011 with a busted transmission.
  • The address provided seems to be for the used lot of a Ford dealer nearby?

Initially I assumed it must be some sort of really, really bizarre mixup so I did call the mentioned dealer. When I asked for one of the three first names, they put me through to somebody that didn’t answer. So I called back and asked for the first name (with last name) that had been mentioned and I was informed that that person “works out at the used car building” and “they don’t have a line out there”. That’s kinda weird, but ok. So there’s no way to call the used cars dept? I have absolutely no plans of calling back the phone number that called.


I think I should be safe no matter what here? Is this some sort of known scam? A sales guy pulling up ancient client info and trying to pull shenanigans to get leads? I mostly just feel bad for anybody who may have left their Camaro to be repaired at an awful BMW dealer (how even?).

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