Welcome back, Asspat™

I genuinely thought I’d never see it again, but here we are. The legendary butt of Oppo’s jokes, my 2015 Passat TSI Limited, is back once again.

See? It looks good as new if you close your eyes and stand back about 250 miles.

After the second hit, which admittedly only required a new rear bumper, the car was sent to the body shop. Mind you, this was only three days after we got it back from the first accident. Nothing was severely damaged internally from either accident, so the car was fixed. To celebrate, I even got new Michelin tires from Costco and an oil change at the dealership.


I will be taking it on a nice long road trip later this summer, so I’m looking forward to that.

I do intend on keeping it for a long time, but I will be adding a second car since this one is basically worth as much as any of my 1/18 models at this point. 62k miles and it feels like it has every bit of another 32 ft to 62k miles left to go.

It really did hurt thinking I’d lose my buddy since senior year of high school, but thankfully, we’re reunited once again.

Here’s to many, many more miles.

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