Welcome New Opponauts!

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We have had some great additions to the Oppo community recently! Just want to let you know we have some cool Oppo Tools to use.


First, just some friendly reminders:

If any of your photos could be deemed NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) Please- 1) Tell us in the post title and 2) put them after the "jump" or in the reply section. Also we recommend placing a "safe" picture as your lead picture.


Also, passionate debate is welcome. Personal attacks on folks are not.

For a more detailed Oppo Code of Conduct please see GAMECA235's post here.


Now here is the cool stuff:

1. There is the Reader's Rides Spreadsheet. Speaking of rides, if you want to find out how "Jalop" your car is SLAVE2ANMG made this fun test.


2. We have the excellent Wallpaper Collection thanks to Breakfast Burrito.

3. You can find your fellow Opponauts on the Oppo Map thanks to 05SONIC3VALVE.

If you are having trouble with the Oppo Map check out this thread.


4. Automotive Master List curtosy of Joe Limon

5. Like car GIFs? Then check out BLUNION05's awesome collection.


6. Here is a helpful guide for posting photos from Tohru Rokuno


7. If you would like to know what Tags are all about and how to use them go here.


You can always find these tips and some more at the Oppo Tips post.


If you have not been given authorship on Oppo and would like it just ask.

Keep Oppo Awesome!

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