I won't be able to afford a second car until spring of 2015, but that doesn't mean I can't waste time at work looking at car ads. I'm also adding in my other dream car, now.

After selling my E39 M5 in the states and moving over to Belgium I wouldn't mind having another one. Because we are a one-car family right now, we went with the most cost-effective station wagon we could find, a 2200 Euro MY2002 520d (look at my other postings for photos, etc.) But, while looking at ads and looking at the car tables and formulas for taxes I found the following. The 9000 Euro 320si costs less than the 2000 M5.

Costs 2000 M5 2006 320si 1999 Porsche 996
Purchase Price 6500 9000 12000
C02 Tax 2500 700 2500
Initial Registration 61 867 61
Annual Road Tax 2075 402 1490
Totals 11136 10969 16051


Annual Taxes

Registration Taxes