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Tonight's suspects: Lincoln and Porsche

Porsche: The Macan SAV/CUV is getting a BRAND NEW FLAT FOUR. This is the first time since the early 90's that Porsche has inserted an F-4 into a production vehicle. Now you may say "aww, no 914/944 successor" But I say that "Porsche has laid out the ingridients to make a product pizza" Each "slice" of the VAG conglomerate gets their own choice of "topping"(power, drivetrain appropriation, engine placement, marketing ideals etc.). I see this a comeback for Porsche. The Macan may share some things with the Tiguan/Q5 platform, but it has a unique "Porscheness" to it, which is the quality of going against the norm(ex. The 911's existence, the fastest production SUV in the world). And frankly my dear Oppo, I don't give a damn if it has a manual because PDK is awesome.


Now for the biggest dunce in the automotive world;Lincoln: Now I like 1 Lincoln and the only Lincoln that should ever be made, the Continental. This car was the epitome of Luxury Boat and GT. You could order Big Bertha with a rockin' 475lbft of torque coming from a 429 C.I.D.(7.0literes) V8 and she would boot scoot to 60 in 6.5 seconds. This was back in 65' people.

Now Lincoln is Ford wearing its best Jos A. Banks suit. Good quality, but you know it's a glitzed up version of Men's Werehouse. There is no "sparkle" in a Lincoln's LEDs, while in a comparable Caddy's there seems to be a "hi there, I'm determined and ready to give my best shot" look. A rebadged Humpback Whale Fusion is NOT what anybody in their right minds wants(unless you're ignorant, fine by me). I'm done...

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