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Welcome to family WRXasaurus' new family truckster! A new 2019 Subaru Ascent.

Well we did it. My wife wanted to upgrade to a 3 row crossover and since she loved her 16' Forester she wanted to stay with the Subaru name plate. So she followed along with announcements on the Ascent. As soon as she could we pre-ordered one that we could back out on if we didn’t like it. We also test drove a Highlander and a Santa Fe which we also liked. The Highlander is very nice.


So now with the two kids under 3 and a fairly large dog we now have much space. We picked it up Saturday and have just over 100 miles so far but we have a big trip planned for this weekend.

So today I svended it and gave it a go with a foam cannon with chemical guys pink stuff then I tried their waterless wash and wax. I’m pretty satisfied with the end result but will be giving it another carnuba wax next week.


First impressions are that it is much quieter then the Forester. The 2.4 turbo does not lack for power at any speed. The CVT is adequate and doesn’t feel gimmicky. The biggest complaint so far is the electric steering is way too light. It does not give you any feedback. The Highlander was similar and since we don’t have a local Mazda dealer I haven’t tried the CX-7. I’ll do a full review later if anyone is interested.


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