I just read a little ...uh.. Disconcerting post and comments about zorro leaving. I recently joined oppo, so I do not know the full story. However, one thing that I did notice was that people were skeptical of him because of his lack of transparency. So I want to let you guys know a little about me.

I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I remember, however I have only become serious about the automotive industry around 2 years ago when I turned 18. I got a lucky break and got hired as a sales person at a Chrysler dealership. I only worked there for about 4 weeks (2 weeks of training, 2 weeks on the floor) before the dealer principle moved me to become a service advisor because he thought I was too young.

So I worked I worked in the service section for about 3 months before business became slow and they let me go. I then moved to an Acura dealership for about 3 months but the service manager and I did not get along, so I quit and got hired as a sales person at a Toyota/Scion dealership. After about 8 months, I quit to go to school to pursue a degree in Automotive Management at the Automotive Business School of Canada.

I have completed my first year, and I am currently working at Mercedes-Benz Financial Canada for the next 8 months as an intern, until I go back to finish my 2nd year.

I am also a father of a 1 year old boy.

I hope that this mini bio will help everyone accept me a little more in the community!