With the passing of my mother, I inherited her 2014 Outback, remaining payments included. I suppose it will become my daughter’s car, but I can’t help thinking about decking it out with some more offroad-worthy gear ala Wes Siler.

It’s pretty nice for a first car. It’s a Limited, but it doesn’t have the navigation system or the EyeSight lanekeeping/adaptive cruise control. I’ve had two loaners with these features and found them quite annoying, so they won’t be missed. Mom spent the money for the rubber floor mats and cargo area cover, so the interior should last a long time.

I’ve been driving it for the last week or so. We decided to drive it home instead of the WRX so we had more room for transporting stuff. It’s no WRX, but if you don’t expect it to be, it’s pretty nice to drive.

The next big challenge is getting the WRX back to Louisiana. We have to go back to clean out Mom’s house, so it looks like we will be getting a U-Haul box truck with a trailer for the car. At $600, the price isn’t too bad. The fun part will be the 600 mile drive. Hey, with rounding, that’s $1/mile! (Plus gas, plus taxes, plus boxes, plus moving blankets, etc....)

I wish I weren’t having to do any of this. I’d much rather have my mom. Jeez, I just bummed myself out again.