Welcome to the Supercar Elimination Chamber

Viper SRT ACR: The American Champion

The time has come: the ultimate battle to decide the fate of the world’s greatest supercars.

991 GT2RS: The World Champion

Seven world-beating driving machines from seven iconic manufacturers.

C7 ZR1: The American Underdog

Seven legendary racing circuits where fighting transpires.

488 Pista: The War Stallion

Seven heats, running seven laps per heat, to test the talents of man and machine.

FORDGT: The American Prizefighter

At first a full grid, then running side-by-side and in groups of three, along with the most rigorous automotive test ever desired.

720S: The Swift Hurricane

As the points rise, so shall the tension. Talent and tech alone won’t be enough if you lose out in the race to the top.

Aventador SVJ: The Bladed Bull

Now, then. Shall we begin?

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