Bad news if you’re susceptible to asthma attacks.

Get your respirators now!

Due to high winds shuffling ozone, carbon, and other chemicals the atmosphere in Mexico City has become unstable and very toxic, so much so that the Environmental Commission of the Megalopolis activated an environmental ordinance under the name of “Contingencia ambiental fase 1"

This ordinance forces factories to forego certain processes that tax the environment too much, it could also potentially force gasoline stations to close some of their pumps and could have their BTEX extractors inspected.


It also suspends PE classes across public schools and in some cases bars kids from going outside.

Also, not a single cargo vehicle will be allowed to enter the city after 6AM and before 10AM, neither will gasoline trucks.

In terms of private cars, any car with foreign plates
(A foreign plate in this regard means any plate not from Morelos, Mexico City, Mexico State, Tlaxcala, and Puebla.)

will be banned from going out, plus all of these:

Any car with emissions check pending
Any car with emission tag “2"; the worst emissions category
Half of the cars with emissions tag “1"
Cars with the “0" and “00" tags are exempt from these measures unless the city goes, alike in 2016, into fase 2; where shit gets real and half of the cars of Mexico City will not be allowed to go out.


I took this photo from my boss’ office, those buildings that can barely bee seen through the soot are only six miles away.

This ban is applied to a population of thirty three million people across the Mexican valley, and to all 9.5 million cars just in Mexico City and Mexico State.

Wait... if it rains does it mean we get acid rain?