Welcome to "what would you steal!" This is a product of my sleep-deprived brain being stupid. Here, i'll give you a scenario, and you need to tell me what car you would steal in this scenario to do what needs to be done. Not just crime by the way! some of this stuff might be to save someone's life!

Time period: Cold February morning, 1958

Location: Albany, NY.

Scenario: You and your two running buddies are doing one last job. This is the big one; the big bang to go out with. You're hitting a newly opened bank location. You have researched the location and the police response time. The bank has $500,000 in cash and another $100,000 in safety deposit boxes for you to hit. You are the getaway driver, and will need to get your buddies out of there fast.

The Route: Paved and Unpaved roads. Selected vehicle will need reinforced suspension.

Vehicle Type: Some type of large sedan or wagon. must seat 3. must be capable of 105 mph. Must not be conspicuous (no luxury cars or imports)

Go for it oppo! What would you steal?