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I’m new to welding, I recently bought a 160-amp DC inverter arc welder and have successfully cobbled together a few things, mostly with 6013 rods. I have 1/16th, 3/32nd and 1/8 rods in 6013, and it seems very forgiving, my biggest problem being a tendency to let the slag get ahead of the pool and end up with nasty inclusions... in any case, as I understand it 6013, though easy to use and good for thin material, does not have very good penetration or overall strength, so I’ve been experimenting with 6011 and 7014... I only have 1/8 6011 and 3/32 7014... the 7014 seems quite nice, and I’ve been able to lay down some halfway decent looking beads with it, though the 3/32nds rod seems to leave a pretty anemic bead, maybe I should get some 1/8"? but I’m struggling to keep the 6011 from making huge undercuts and blobs :/ I understand that 6011 has deep penetration, but I’m having a lot of trouble with it... should I try a 3/32 6011? any hints?


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