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Welding has begun on the Saab

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Beginning with... the trunk.

So the engine’s pretty much ready to go back in the car now, but the car isn’t ready for it. Still got some welding to do. But since that’s a structural part of the car, it was high time to freshen up some skills by patching up some less-critical areas first.


We found a couple of holes in the truck that were perfect for this. Right under the spare tire bracket, too. Fun!

We started by opening up the holes to reach good metal, then cut new 18g pieces to fit. Because this is just the trunk floor, we didn’t worry about butt-welding pieces flush. Nothing wrong with a little bit of overlap here.

A grinder and paint...
A grinder and paint...

The process went more or less like what you see in Peter’s write-ups on his BMW’s rustventures. Which is great, because once again I suck at remembering to take pictures.

Next up is a little spot in the front passenger wheelwell, on the other side of which lies foam and carpeting for the footwell there. After that, we’ll be ready to move onto the area around the lower control arm mounts.

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