My right hand man Nathan did the service one today on my Mirage; Amsoil Signature 0w20, an extended life filter and basic inspection. So he decided to bring a quick welding project he did to show me. He welded for a living for some time and hadn’t messed with it in a bit.


Having just picked up my new beloved iPhone X just yesterday I decided to take my first pictures. Don’t mind the different styles (2 portrait and two macro) as I was feeling it out in low lighting.

He’s overly modest, and a serious OCD perfectionist, so of course he wasn’t perfectly happy. I personally was very very impressed and he’s right back in a groove. He will be fabricating the manifold for my DSM, this one to be exact.


Oh how I can’t wait to drive her again. It’ll be even better with a 6466 and a custom home-brew Nathan spec manifold and bumper exit!

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