We didn't get the BMW. The guy wouldn't come down to the price my dad wanted, and the car had a few more issues than originally noted. Namely the ABS and Air Bag lights, and a small oil leak.

But, if the guy decides to come down to $1800, we're still buying it. If not, we're moving on.

If we do move on, the car search for me is in full swing. We've been looking all night at cars. Anything from more E36s to Cobalts to TL Type-S's. I found a '91 Prelude Si I quite like: black with a 5-speed.

But, BMW is still the target here and we've been scouring forums for cars for sale as well. Apparently my dad is willing to travel a bit for one. If we can't find one in a timely fashion, or if I find something I like better, we'll buy that. But for now any 90s BMW basically.