Upon closer inspection and a lot of personal introspection, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve purchased a parts car.

The body is bad, which I knew going into this purchase. But allegedly the car was solid underneath, and the more I look under the car the worse it looks. Every time I get under there I find a new hole in the floor, or a rotted brace, or a badly rusted spring mount. Couple that with the things I need to do to make the car viable, and this just isn’t the right car to start with.

So what do I have? Well, I’ve got a stuck 273 which will shortly become an unstuck 273. I’ve got a good A833 transmission and a factory Hurst shifter. And I’ve got a bunch of good ‘64 Barracuda parts which I’d rather just have somebody take all at once.

My plan now is to sell the shell of the Barracuda, but keep the engine and transmission to build for another, less rotted car. A-bodies are plentiful, so I’ll find something and stuff this engine into it. Sucks, but better to discover it now than after I put a bunch of time and money into a car that’s maybe too far gone to feel okay about operating on the road.