The stupidest thing that has ever happened to me while driving happened today.

Somehow, right as I was pulling to the curb to park, the coolant overflow tank popped out of its bracket, fell onto the exhaust pipe and was basically melted in half by it. Surprisingly, it gave off less steam than you think it would.


This is a pretty serious problem though, as overflow tanks for 1969 SAABs aren’t just around.

However, the shit-cherry on today’s shit-cake is that when I came home my room mate informed me some disgruntled turd burgler took it upon themselves to cut up several frogs and distribute them around our front porch. I literally know nobody in this neighborhood except the next door neighbor, so I have no idea who the fuck would do this or why. It’s nice to know some shithead, for some unknown shithead reason, has some shithead grudge against my front porch, and is willing to shitheadedly kill small animals to satisfy it.

I have to presume this has something to do with the previous occupant who was apparently a real asshole, but they haven’t lived here for over a year sooooo... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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