Piglet goes in, in a few hours time.

The bodyshop can’t give us a ‘like for like’ courtesy car so the insurance company is providing a rental. Last time they gave us a crappy 1.0 Ford Fiesta 5 door base model. It was tiny, slow (so incredibly slow) and uncomfortable.

So drive to the bodyshop, a person from Enterprise will take us from there to the rental company to get a car. We’ve insisted a ‘like for like’ but you know what rental companies are like for that.

I’m hoping it’s either in ‘Skoda Octavia or similar’ or ‘Vauxhall Insignia or similar’ class (yes, that’s how they show the classes on the U.K. Site I looked on), (because apparently the Vauxhall Insignia is a larger class car to the Skoda Octavia’, if it is, I can’t see it).

So what car does OPPO think we’ll get?