Yesterday the date never happened as she never replied to my message. No biggie. Then I found out that the Miata has been in a accident before I bought it since I could see some welding behind the fender, it was not painted and some parts weren't straight. It's kinda an issue and that would explain why the soft top I installed months doesn't fit properly on the passenger side. Today I went back to the place where they installed the aftermarket catalytic converter this summer that is making a metallic rattle noise and they can't find the issue now. They told me to bring the car one day when I wont need it and they gonna tear apart the exhaust system...the problem is that they welded everything. There's no way that I'm gonna allow that they recut everything and reweld everything after, so I'm buying a used complete exhaust line soon unless someone have a better idea.

On the good side, when I went to the garage I saw this.

It was huge! And the interior looked limousine like spacious. It was a clean example but I still wonder, WTH was it doing there in this garage?