Illustration for article titled Well...Biscuits. The 20PSI Leak Turned out to be Tire Damage

The right front tire of the Ranger is bleeding 20PSI a day. At first I thought it was due to the tire shop not beading the tire correctly, but an inspection by the shop revealed the leak to be coming from practically invisible damage to the shoulder or sidewall (it’s either right at the edge of the sidewall or on the shoulder). I’m guessing the PO hit a really sharp rock and managed to make a basically invisible puncture. So invisible I can’t even show you where it’s leaking.

Well, if your $150 muds seem too good to be true...

Looks like some Slime, Fix-A-Flat, and/or some bead sealer could do the trick? At least I have a perfectly good spare, even if it’s an AT.


I also couldn’t get Friday off (the best they could do is have me work a half day), so looks like I am driving the smart to Tennessee! My Ranger’s other parts won’t arrive nearly on time, so it’s staying behind. I just remembered I have two brand new snows attached to one of my 450s so that’s what I’ll offroad with.

Of course I couldn’t have an easy week! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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