This evening could have gone better. Dumped the motorcycle in a parking lot. Net result is a broken collar bone, and an even more battered bike.

I was driving through a mostly empty Home Depot parking lot. I was leaning the bike way over being silly since it was the first time out this year. Best I can piece together I road up higher on the tread of the brand-new tires where it was still greasy and not worn in at all(first time out on the tires) and the rear tire kicked out. I lowsided the bike and took the brunt of the impact on my shoulder, then skidded for a bit. Proper gear meant no head impact and I scraped the shoulder of my jacket and not my actual shoulder.

So I am in a sling for 3-4 weeks and the bike needs a new mirror, shift lever & bar end, as well as having picked up yet more scratches.