Well, crap?

The FoRS in its natural habitat

The local Ford dealer called today. They have a new head coming from Ford and should receive it within the next day or so. Apparently someone at Ford figured out that they’d better get my car fixed before they end up buying it back. Frankly at this point I don’t trust the car to survive a 20 mile trip, so I was hoping it would sit in the shop long enough that Ford would have to buy it back. Looks like they’ll probably have it back together this week though, so it won’t have enough time out of service to count as a lemon law car (yet).

Friday it got towed back to the dealership after I had it for a day and a half. Turns out my suspicions were correct, the CEL and misfire on cylinder 4 were caused by bent valves on cylinder 4. So that makes 3 out of the four cylinders that have had bent valves. Their first two attempts to put the engine back together after replacing the head gasket per Ford’s TSB have not been particularly successful. Their first attempt at getting the car put back together resulted in cylinders 2 and 3 getting bent valves.



Round 1 - Replace head gasket per Ford TSB
Round 1.5 - Come pick up car. Never mind, don’t come pick it up, CEL came on when we took it for a test drive
Round 2 - Pick up the car. I almost made it back to work before the CEL reappeared. They put the head back together incorrectly and bent intake valves on cylinders 2 and 3.
Round 3 - I had the car for a day and a half and almost 50 miles of driving. CEL comes on, code shows P0304, misfire on cylinder 4. They called this morning, bent valves on cylinder 4. New head is on the way from Ford.

In happier news, the RS turbo inlet is happy.

Not my picture, but I have seen this very view. Except mine had pistons 2 and 3 up instead of 1 and 4.

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