That was fast! We were in and back out in about 15 minutes. Just enough time to post here and listen to a little Lenny Kravitz before she came walking out the door. We’ve been to that clinic before, so they didn’t even bother with the normal insurance verification BS that takes half an hour.


The doctor put in three stitches and told her to come back in seven days if she still had stitches to remove (hint, hint). She was the last patient of the day and the nurse was hot on her heels to leave. We were told that the chance of picking up COVID while she was there was really small since everyone was masked and only the nurse touched any of the building surfaces (doors, doorknobs, etc.). My wife stripped down as soon as we walked in the door (woohoo!) and made a beeline for the shower to get clean. I grabbed the clothes and put them straight into the washer.

I hope we’re in the clear.

Thanks for the support, Oppo.


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After 30 days of avoiding contact with other people, we are now going to the front lines. My wife managed to cut herself while chopping onions for dinner. We treated it with elevation and pressure, but the cut is deep enough that it wouldn’t stop bleeding. She can still move it and the cut isn’t on the joint or where it could have cut a tendon. It’s just deep and may have hit a blood vessel. So, here we are at a walk-in clinic.

Before speaking with the curbside attendant, we got her all masked up and ready to go inside. I have to wait in the car until they’re done. I have a mask for when she comes out. We’ll probably have to quarantine her for a couple of weeks just to be sure. She’s a demanding patient and doesn’t like being cooped up, so this isn’t going to be fun. Maybe I need to set up a cot for her in the storage building so she can sleep out there and wander around the back yard at will. :)


More to come, I’m sure.

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