No pics in this one. Use your imagination. I’m going to give an overview of what’s going on with my cars.

I have not driven the Golf in about two weeks. The last time it moved was when I parked it after dropping off the Cabriolet at my apartment. Lately it’s had... issues. Primarily, it idles choppy and gets horrifyingly bad gas mileage (think 17 mpg. Yeah.) So today I did some diagnostics, intending to check the MAF. The first step of the diagnostic procedure was checking the harness, which failed the procedure. Wonderful. And front 02 sensor failed, as expected.


In general, I love the car, but... I’m kind of over it. It has a lot of gremlins that I’m not excited to chase down. And even after they’re all chased and the car is in good running shape, it’s still a 23 year old economy car. The AC is garbage, the interior isn’t comfortable, the ride is harsh, it’s slow, and it doesn’t handle very well due to its weight. It doesn’t get good fuel economy on highway trips, it’s loud, and overall, it doesn’t bring me joy. It’s just a headache.

So what can I do?

I have a spare cylinder head on my desk that I was going to port out and throw a cam in and put on the Golf, but that would just make a slow, heavy, loud car slow, heavy, loud, and harder to daily. I have an eBay turbo and manifold I was going to put on the Jetta until I sold it, but if I put that on the Golf, I’d need to figure out a new exhaust setup and then the car would become a perpetual project. And I’d still need to sort the wiring issues.

Meanwhile, over on the Cabriolet, a lot of things are needed, as expected. The body is in great shape, but the engine has some issues. It doesn’t really want to idle when cold (symptoms are in line with cold start valve issues- CIS is tricky to learn), and it needs suspension work. The interior isn’t great on this one either. It’s fun to cruise in and it handled great when I autocrossed it, but other than that, it’s just a 33 year old economy car with no roof. I don’t really have a refined plan for it. Most likely case is I drive it as is, fixing things as they break, until it gets too unseasonable to drive, then it’ll go in storage until the spring. While in storage, I will probably sort out what issues it has mechanically, electrically, and interior wise and in the spring... sell it.

Rounding out the fleet is the 94 Saturn SC2 I haven’t posted much about. I picked it up from another Oppo with the intention of keeping it on the road as long as I could. I still plan to do so. I have not driven or ran it in a while. I finally got around to doing some diagnosis. Apart from the broken exhaust, I need to replace the ECTS so the fans kick on (as it sits, they only kick on when I turn the air on or else it overheats) and it needs suspension work. Specifically, the front shocks are worn. So the parts cannon has been fired.


So what’s the plan for the fleet? Right now, I want to do what I said with the Cabriolet and get the Saturn running well enough to be a daily. Then I need to figure out a plan for the Golf. I need to clean up a few rust spots as well. When fall/winter hits, I’m planning to let it sit in my parking lot away from the salt while I daily the plastic fantastic. Then, in the spring, who knows. I might sell the Golf.

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