Well, dammit...

My weekend has gotten off to a bad start.

This being Texas, the parking lot at work is filled with oversized pickup trucks for no apparent reason. We all work in offices, not “out on the range”. I was parked next to one of these oversized behemoths, a four door, long bed, 4x4 Chevy. I started backing out, thought I was clear and began turning the wheel only to hear this crunch...

Crap, crap, crap.

I refuse to cause any vehicle altercation an “accident”, preferring collision. All collisions have someone at fault, this time it’s me.

I made sure the poor truck wasn’t hurt (It wasn’t.) and drove home in the semi-dark to take the blurry photo you see here before contacting USAA and making the claim. I already have a rental car reservation and now am just waiting to hear back from my preferred body shop to get in and get the estimate. It’s just the rear quarter panel and a little paint. Hell most of this will likely be out of my pocket.


crap, crap, crap.

I did not need this...


So I got a 10am appointment at the body shop. Their preliminary quote is just over $1200 and they were able to get it in immediately with a 5 day quoted turnaround.

So it goes in on Monday morning at 8am. I have a car rental reservation for a week, and the insurance company has already made an initial payment ot the body shop for the work (minus my deductible). I have one weekend with a dent, then fixed before next weekend.

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