The company I work for likely won’t exist in a week. We’ve lost too many customers and can’t pay the bills. I’ve dragged this out as long as I can but there isn’t enough in the coffers for me to even pay myself, much less make the necessary improvements to actually keep the business going so time to rev up that job hunt. Unfortunately I don’t have a degree so most IT places around here, the very few that are even hiring (and NONE of them advertise positions) won’t even consider me. One option that appeals to me is being a local-area truck driver, which I could fairly easily get into at the place my mom works at but they require 6 months of warehouse work before one can actually start driving and due to health issues I can’t stand for more than 3 hours at a time and lifting heavy shit is straight out. So yay. Here we go again, right after signing a 12 month lease on an apartment.

PFA. Chevy Malibu wagon with a Mercury Marine big block and Regal front end.