I guess we won’t see another race here until at least 2020 since they can only afford to host a race every couple of years.

The very real threat of rain gave us a really wide variety of strategies. Definitely didn’t expect the final outcome of the race.

Verstappen, Hulkenberg, and Grosjean (exceptional results for the latter two) still managed to keep it in the top 10 despite having three pit-stops, including brief stints on the intermediate tire. I think Grosjean made up a lot of places in the last few laps after the restart.


Lots of salt on reddit. Definitely didn’t want it to end like that for Vettel today, especially since I had predicted him just building a gap to P2 and then maintaining his pace (which was true for the first part of the race).

Most of the saltiness comes from Hamilton getting away with leaving the pit-lane entry since Raikkonen was penalized for something similar a couple of years ago, but apparently that was a track-specific rule since the Baku pit-entry is basically a flat-out entry on a straight. I personally thought it was harmless but I can see why others would be upset by it.

Other saltiness coming from Mercedes team orders - I totally get why they would give the order, especially when they’re behind in the WDC and WCC coming into this race, but I would’ve been extremely pleased with a Bottas win and Hamilton taking P2 to keep the gap to Vettel interesting and give a Finn a much-needed win. Hugely mature reaction from Bottas on the radio (didn’t watch any post-race) because I can’t imagine Hamilton would’ve reacted the same way to such an order.

In all honestly, my moment of the race is Gasly on full wets. It’s like putting everything on “00" in roulette - any other outcome and you’re fucked.


All in all, a very interesting race with interesting implications for the championship. I still think Ferrari have the overall edge in terms of their car but luck didn’t go their way today. With half of a season to go it’s still a wide-open championship which is the best we could hope for at this stage of the season.

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