I have enjoyed seeing this 1964 Impala (edit: Biscayne) street parked in my neighborhood, so much so that I posted a cheesy B&W picture of it a couple weeks ago. Sadly it looks like its 52-year reign might be over thanks to a careless driver.

It doesn’t look like it was hit in this spot, since it’s still aligned with the curb and there’s nothing on the pavement around it to indicate a collision. It couldn’t have moved far based on how the back is now dragging, but at least the old girl still moves. For how much longer is anyone’s guess - it was already an unrestored survivor with some rough edges, so whoever owns it may not have the dough to fix it, especially with some potential frame damage lurking.

Every time I start thinking about the plethora of free street parking in my neighborhood and how it wouldn’t be that hard to own a car here, something like this happens to make me reconsider.