Personal stuff below, so have an Austin Healey in the rain as it should be as a buffer

Life sucks you know. All these stresses and BS that force you to do things. Between getting paid shit at work and having lots of bills, I don’t have much money left at the end of the month. That isn’t so bothersome until you need to buy things that cost actual money. Like going back to school and fixing cars. Well since my stupid 928 hasn’t sold yet and I need the money more than a project, I placed my Austin Healey Sprite up for sale on Craigslist. I am actually really broken by this. She was the first car I ever bought and is still an unfinished restoration. I want nothing more than to cruise the CA coast in my silly little British roadster, but I will never have the chance. I never even got to drive the car. I bough Wanda in 2010 as my high school senior project. I found her for sale a few miles away from me for sale for more than I could afford. So I talked to the guy’s son who was selling it for him because CL was something the old man couldn’t do. Well I talked my parents into letting me buy her. I borrowed money from my Mom and got my Dad with his truck and trailer. We arrived at their house and there she was. Dusty, dirty, and perfect. I met the family and talked to the original owner. He had bought in new in 1970 and daily drove her. He told me he was a manager at his work back in the day and the workers went on strike. Well he was driving into work and one of those picketers jabbed a picket sign post through the convertible top and almost got him in the head. That is why Wanda didn’t have an original top

Fun fact: The throwout bearing on these were a piece of carbon, not a bearing, and would wear till they cracked. He ended up having to replace this once every 9000 miles or so. Well after it breaking one day, he put her in the garage and hoped one day his kids would want to drive her and fix her up. They didn’t. Come up on almost 30 years sitting there and I pop her on a trailer and take her home. Grand total of $500. He had $1000 on the add, but he placed that up to keep metal collectors from coming and crushing her. Once he heard what I was doing, bam half off.

Original Plates
Even the Dealer plate surround


Original interior
Not too bad honestly
Some paint discoloration from years of being half covered


Top up and the paint thinner spill

These are pictures of the day I brought her home. She was 99% original except the top. Years of being a shelf in the garage had ruined the paint, but the interior wasn’t awful. I was so happy, I named her almost immediately Wanda. She got her name from Jamie Lee Curtis’ role in a Fish Called Wanda. I have always had a thing for Jamie and it was perfect cause she was an American in Britain and this is a British car in America. Besides Jamie, I have a strange fascination with the 50's-70's and Great Britain. My Mom always told me that I was born in the time period on the wrong continent. Which is fairly true compared to how I operate as a human being. Any way, Wanda leaving me will probably break my heart as much or probably more than my ex leaving me. I can only hope for the best and that I can keep her, but the future is grim and I need the money more. So this is my farewell to the first car i ever bough and embarked on trying to fix. I always went too far with her. If I had done it right I would have had the engine fixed, painted her, and cleaned up the interior. Instead I ripped off every nut and bolt to restore her to perfect, at least in my eyes. I always spent too much money on parts and too much time. Probably cause she was my first true automotive love.

Goodbye is such sweet sorrow Wanda.