Well, glad I only wasted 12$ on this stuff...

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I had just washed my car yesterday so I went out with a spray detailer and touched up a few water spots and missed edges before spraying the CHemical Guys’ Instawax+. Turns out I should;ve grabbed my trusty paste wax too since the trigger on this either broke or gummed up and the trigger is locked down so tight I need to cut the bottle open to get the wax out.


The picture on amazon is misleading - the trigger mechanism above is far simpler and smaller than the one they have now. Looking at the reviews, it looks like lots of people have had this issue in the past few months. Maybe this is the best spray wax in the world but if I can’t even get it out of the bottle, then it’s a total waste of 12$. Thanks for nothing, guys...Meanwhile the old Meguiar’s Gold cranked out the predictable shine I’ve come to expect from like 10$ at autozone. Maybe it;s more difficult but damn if it isn’t consistent. Buy a tin of your favorite paste instead of this stuff.

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