I have been using my Valiant as a daily for about the past month and a half. I have had zero problems with car, that’s 45 years old, and could not be happier. We were supposed to get a bad storm today so I decided to take my 96 Civic to work. Well I am driving home and about to exit the freeway, let off the throttle, and the steering wheel violently jerks to the right with three quick pulses. It felt like a blowout, but then it stopped. It continued whenever I let off the the throttle the entire way home which is about a mile and a half. I guess I get to spend my weekend determining if it is drivetrain or suspension related. I just did the brakes about 6 months ago with all new parts. Hopefully it’s something easy like ball joint, tie rod end, or motor mount.

I can cross off power steering and front sway bar.


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