For those of you who don't want to see me talk about that, here's a french 911.

Despite popular opinion there are some very talented people who write fan fiction. I kid you not when I say that some of the people who write this stuff, write better than some actual published authors.

However, what's not so great about some fan fiction is that it's like a Smart Roadster. You have a good engine, perfect weight balance, rear wheel drive, mid engine lay out. But then you have one of the most god awful transmissions to ever exist attached to this machine that was almost automotive nirvana! Much the same with fan fiction one thing can completely ruin an otherwise good story. And it makes you upset not because the story itself was bad, but because it had the potential to be so much better. And do you want to know what ruins 90% of the ones I read? Throwing in Japanese words for no reason.

Now in anime, honorifics in names (Sama, Kun, Chan, chitty chitty bang bang, etc.) can be used as major plot points for how characters refer to each other. So it's understandable when those are added into English subs of shows. However when a person is writing and they decide to start using honorifics in names, in English, in a story that was conceived in English, it completely takes you out of the story.

You know what else takes you out of a story? Using actual Japanese words, not for any reason, just because. Using honorifics can at least be excused but have a goddamn character say "Hai" instead of "yes". How about "arigato" instead of saying "thank you"! However my personal favorite I've seen as to be fucking "Tadaima" do you know what that means without googling it? Cause I sure as hell don't. If I have to google what your randomly placed Japanese word means, you're not doing something right! It just boggles my mind as to why a person who is writing would do that. And that really is the question. WHY? So to finish up my rant, I'm a nerd who has nothing better to do than complain about how some 16 year old screwed up an otherwise good Evangelion fan fic.