As graduation is approaching, I’m struck with a decision for my graduation gift. 2015 WRX or BRZ?

NOW, before you all exclaim in disgust and call me a spoiled brat, chill. I’m not the type to use “My dad will sue you” as a comeback, and I don’t wear salmon colored shorts. I prefer to work for my own things, but my parents are just feeling proud enough to buy me a new car, and I wouldn’t say no.

I am simply wondering, from gearhead to gearhead, what do you prefer to own and why? I am leaning toward the WRX due to the practicality and the understated, Corolla-esque looks. But, every time I see a BRZ I’m reminded about how fun the car is, and the fact that it doesn’t look like its formed from melted lego blocks.

This will be my fourth car and I’ve been driving for over 2 years. Which will the transition from my car to the next will be the most interesting? I currently drive a 1995 Toyota Celica GT pictured below.