I was running out on the Bike to grab some caulk, when I passed a green Morgan on my dead end street. Of course I turned around and followed it down to the end of the road where he would have to turn around.

The owner was nice enough to let me grab a couple of quick shots (it started raining so I had to be quick and have horrible angles, sorry).

It’s a 1968 and he put in a Koa wood dash.


It started to pour right after this, and he needed to take off. He was trying to find a good spot to do a photo/video shoot of the car.

It is definitely a project car, but it was a very nice addition to my day.


I’ve got a few photos of Landcruisers in Papua New Guinea that I want to post, but I’m still catching up on work from the trip. I just had to get this out though. So green!