A&E cubicle (Accident & Emergency, U.S. Emergency Room). Step-father is back in for the same as last time pretty much (confusion, hot and cold spells) but this time not on machines or drips but muttering lots of stuff and apparently had hallucinations earlier.

It’s hard not to get annoyed though. He’s been told what he has to do before he came in last time. Then he spent a month on the ward after being brought in by ambulance.

That should of shocked him into doing more, we all got stuff put in place, the doctors, nurses, NHS, Social Services, etc... he looked at first to be doing something, yet hasn’t and were back here again.


I know it doesn’t sound supportive but doing the same thing over and over just wares on you after a while.

It’s not like he had to cut anything out, in fact the NHS sent a guy round to install hand rails and deliver nutrient drinks and put weight on.


Everyone is getting annoyed, but I’m the one that gets all the ire for being annoyed.

I need a ruddy drink.

SORRY: Needed to vent.