Taking the Saab 95 around the off road park for the Gambler 500.

I’m still holding off on making my big photo/vid dump because I’m having issues getting all the files to work with sound... but it’ll be coming soon.


At the end of the vid you can see two cars stuck in sand. Right after that an old Jeep tried to pass them, and they too got stuck (but had gotten free before the rescue truck in the vid pulled the other cars out). In any event, that sandy portion got roped off and the course was rerouted for later cars.

The Saab only got stuck in sand once, when we followed somebody who made a wrong turn off the course. It was pushed free by Stef. With one gentle push, and a little digging around the front wheels. No recovery vehicle needed. I was told later by another entrant that the Saab “floating” over the sand was a pretty interesting sight. I hope somebody got video of it.

Stef has a video from inside the Saab, as we go through the other sandy area (we were waiting for about 5 or 10 minutes for more cars in front of us to be towed out of the way before we got the go ahead - as you can see the Saab pulled through)


And I need to sleep...