Friday night, hooked up the trailer to the truck so I can get some yard waste out to recycling center. Was a bit dark. Couldn’t really see all that well, but I hooked it up as I did many times. Tongue dropped on the ball like it does. Locked it all up. Chained up. No problem.

Next morning I go to tow it. Pull up to a light. BANG. Loud noise and a jolt from the back. WTF? Well, no one rear ended me so whatever... maybe trailer did some trailer crap back there. Still on, so keep trucking. Only 2 blocks to go.

I get to recycling center and see that the damn tongue had slipped off the ball and rammed into the tow hitch receiver and bent the tongue good enough so it won’t go back on the ball. Fuck.

It rested on the ball passed where the hook up would be. So I dragged the damn thing slow and careful. Waved to all the cops. No one got killed.

Now I need to cut off the old bent tongue and weld a new one on.

All I have is a mig welder and zero experience welding. If I get enough welding practice to run a pretty bead that will hold tight, should I proceed, or should I find someone who can weld with a stick. Is there a strength difference between mig and stick?


I don’t trust myself with this task due to lack of my experience and heavy weight and lives it will involve risking, so I know I will take it to a guy near me to weld on a new tongue. You don’t have to worry about me trying to be a cowboy and welding it half assed myself. That isnt going to happen. The question is strength wise. Is a stick stronger than mig in welding or is same?