I bought an 95 XJ with 190k miles for $1800 last week. Its a 4.0L 4x4 Manual with a Chrysler 8.25 3.07 rear axle and a dana 35 230mm front axle.

When I bought it I knew it needed a rear diff service, so the second I brought it home I cracked open the diff cover fully expecting it to be low on fluid and needing bearings.

NOPE, Instead I found this:


Eeeep! I later found out that Chrysler stopped making the ring and pinion set for a 8.25 3.07 rear end about 10 years ago, and NOS units are anywhere from $500-$800. So I went on Car-Part.com and found the only 8.25 3.07 in the state of Colorado east of the Rockies. Today My mom and I drove 105 miles out to Pueblo, CO and picked it up for $350. The guy at the yard had it waiting for me on a forklift to inspect the gears, when I bought it he joked that it wouldn’t fit in the Honda, Lol.

Btw its in really good shape, look at those gorgeous 130k mile gears:


It also leaks from the oil pan, valve cover, rear main and has rod knock on startup and shut down. So I’ll have to replace seals and rod bearings within the following month after I replace the rear axle.

Also it pains me to say Veronica will be listed on craigslist once I can yank my wheels and bed topper. I’m asking $800 because its got next to no rust, the body is in amazing shape, the diff is a 3.55 LSD 8.8 that was serviced in the last 3 years and everything works but the engine. It even has its original fuel pump and functional R-12 AC. Once I can afford it though, I’ll be in the market for another Pre-Airbag 4.0 manual RWD Ranger.

This Jeep is just a reliable POS that I wont hate driving until I can afford another Ranger.